Bertrands Cottage

Bertrands Cottage

Bertrand’s Cottage offers Bed and Breakfast accommodation with prices starting from £87.00 to £130.00 per night staying in any one of the three guest rooms Stitches, Friars and Woody Ridge named after our volcanic formations which are all en-suite with tea and coffee facilities.

Bertrand’s both lounge areas are cosy with comfortable pre-drink seating areas along with fire places that are lit during the winter periods.

Bertrand’s Cottage is well-known for its fine dining restaurant service of international dishes and local cuisine for any occasion and can accommodate many guests at any one time.  The Ebony Restaurant which can also be transformed into a conference facility also makes itself popular for business events.

Bertrand’s Cottage is also a hospitality training facility offering a wide range of courses to local hospitality businesses and anyone in the community who wish to enrol.

Bertrand’s offers amazing panoramic views of Flagstaff. The Barn and Deadwood Plain incidentally this was the same view that Napoleon Bonaparte experience when watching horse racing on Deadwood Plain during his time on St Helena.

Bertrand’s Cottage is not only ideally located but has played a key role in St Helena’s Napoleonic history as this was the residence of General Bertrand and  lies directly opposite our most popular tourist attraction Napoleon,s House.

The cottage is approximately seven miles from Jamestown Town and only three miles away from the St Helena Airport.