Harlyn Self Catering


HARLYN SELF CATERING FLAT is attached to the owners charming old 19th century home, with beautiful views of the South Atlantic Ocean, late evening sunsets

HARLYN SELF CATERING has entertained several hundred visitors//tenants over the years, since then.

The comfortable, homely atmosphere, has often enticed folk to make return visits. A very pleasing testament to its ongoing reputation.

“HARLYN” is located just off the main Half Tree Hollow road, some 2 miles and less than a 10 minute drive down to Jamestown and some 20 – 30 minutes up into the beautiful countryside. An approximate 30 minute drive will get you to the St. Helena Airport in Long wood.

This location is also ideal for going on various Post Box Walks and walking the famous (699 steps) Jacob’s Ladder as well as viewing Ladder Hill Fort, overlooking Jamestown and much more – all to help the visitor to discover the lifestyle and culture of St Helena Island.