The St Helena Conference - 2019

Nature’s Benefits, Natural Capital in the South Atlantic

St Helena conference live

This years St Helena regional conference will focus on the Natural Capital of the South Atlantic.

 The event will take place from the 11th to the 15th March 2019.

The 2019 conference is organised by SAERI in partnership with other St. Helena organisations,.

You can read more about the conference here on the organisers  website.

Speakers at  the conference from around the region have arrived on St Helena over the last few weeks and will discuss topics from the benefits of cloud forest to the value of the deep sea,

Local organisations linked to the Natural Capital project will also be speaking at the  conference this week.

This event is opened to the public but this year we are enabling the capability to listen to the conference live around the world.

The live streaming of the talks and discussions will open at 09.00 GMT on the Tuesday  12th of March 2019.

Do you think we could offer another St Helena Conference?

The conference audio was live from 09.00 – 16:30 GMT on the Tues 12th, Weds 13th Thurs 14th, of March 2019.