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BNS Araguari arriving in James bay this morning

The Brazilian Naval offshore patrol ship Araguari has just arrived (0800) in James bay. The Araguari will remain in James bay until 10 am tomorrow. 

An evening reception for the ships company is planned for this evening at the Briars.

The RMS St Helena is also due to depart St Helena today.

More info to follow.


Brazilian Navy scheduled to call at St Helena

The 90m 2200 ton offshore Brazilian Navy patrol ship Araguari is scheduled to call at James Bay (St Helena ) tomorrow 01 April 2016. The Araguari will remain at James bay overnight and will depart the Island AM on Saturday Image credits marinetraffic (bill leakes) morning. A crew reception have been arranged at the Briars for tomorrow evening. The Araguari has a capacity of 80 crew members and 40 troops she is also fitted with a 20 metre flight deck to accommodate a medium size helicopter. The Araguari’s last reported port of call was Luanda in Angola.

The Araguari was originally built by BAE Systems for the Trinidad and Tobago coast guard in 2010 but the order was cancelled and the Araguari was sold to the Brazilian Navy instead she was commissioned in 2013.