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Island Hospital upgrades offers services in line with UK standards.

Recently the Islands Jamestown (only) hospital began a refurbishment project under the management of SA contractors Basil Read.

Jamestown hospital old Theatre – image credit to twitter.com
Hospital old Theatre – image credit to twitter.com

Jamestown hospital new Theatre – image credits to twitter.com
Hospital new Theatre – image credits to twitter.com

The project consisted of upgrading the existing hospital facilities also to mention that this refurbishment project was carried out in parallel with the hospitals day-to-day operations. The project was funded with the aim to bring the hospital service delivery up to date.  Apart from lots of other upgrades to other areas within the hospital establishment one of the much-needed areas that has just been completed is the operating theatre which replaces the old theatre that was out dated but was still used until recently.  The newly installed theatre is configured with a complete new upgrade offering services that compares to a UK standard.  The new theatre is more spacious and offers a better experience for both patients and staff, The theatre is fitted with grade a overhead lighting system an integrated oxygen supply along with a modern pressured control room to prevent contamination, the Theatre is also fitted with high-resolution viewing monitors to allow staff to view patients records during surgery which also forms part of the establishments EMS network. The hospital offers a newly fitted radiology suite that has new modern CT scanner which was commissioned in February. The Xray suites delivers 1st class services like high-resolution Xrays that can sent directly from the system electronically overseas. The hospital now has a fully functional A&E facility making it a mirror image of some of the services offered in a UK medical facility.