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St Helena

AWSM signs freight service contract with St Helena

It has been officially announced from The St Helena Government last week that AW Ship management has signed a contract with the St Helena Government to provide a sea freight service for St Helena when the RMS St Helena ends it service to the Island later this year.

It is hope that the transition of the service will be seamless, from the RMS departing from the service and the takeover of the new AWSM service. It is hope that the service will run every 5 weeks from Cape Town to St Helena and also include Ascension Island. It is anticipated that the service will run every 4 weeks after a year of operation.

RMS St Helena
RMS St Helena

AW Ship management will now procure a ship that will be dedicated to this service which will be capable of docking alongside of the newly built jetty in Rupert’s Bay.

Cargo bookings are now been accepted for the new service, AWSM are also making a small number cabins available for passengers wishing to continue using the sea travel service.

This dedicated service will be owned by AWSM and will be delivered with the same dedication as the RMS St Helena.

Freight rates have not been released, but they have been submitted to SHG for approval.

There is potential that the rates will be different to the RMS as there has been no Government subsidy allocated for this service as it was with the RMS St Helena.