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race on St Helena

Race on to St Helena.

Competitors on board the yachts racing towards St Helena in the Cape to St Helena 2018 race enjoyed mostly a clear night sky and with lots of stars above as they settled into the race.

Most of the yachts have covered more than 300 miles with Banjo, Rocket at Naledi pushing at the front with around 1000ish miles to go to reach St Helena.

Some of the crew onboard a few of the boats have boasted about enjoying a yellow tail feast as they race towards St Helena.

Banjo skippered by Kevin Webb who is at the front of the race, reports today that the sea state is a lot calmer and the  wind is about 20knts but last night was hectic and the sea was very rough with a cross swell but the wind was 35knts and gusting  Compromise was enjoying a bumpy ride over night with winds gusting to 31 knots and doing around 15kts down the waves as they sacrificed a pack of Karoo chops to Neptune but with that, they are fishing again in calmer conditions today.  Caribbean Soul said we lost the lost the plot a bit but are now back on track we had a few issues with the mainsheet but all sorted now.  Sea still lumpy but settling down.  The great weather and wind make its nice for sailing so we are having fun, one crew member was down with the flu but is back on watch.  

Naledi reported nice sailing under spinnaker though a bit lonely as we cannot see anyone else. 

Asante said its going nicely but our water maker is not working we are going on rations but the crew is still in good spirits. 

Hannah reported from Carpe Diem we are all well on board, the sun is shining here it’s a glorious day and the children are happy.  Yolo skippered by Dale Kushner the solo sailor in the race also reports all is well onboard.

Meanwhile back on St Helena the St Helena yacht club said they are awaiting the arrival of the yachts and looking forward to welcoming the race competitors. The St Helena yacht club has also arrange and action pack itinerary for the visitors.

The daily race report can be downloaded here

Cape to St Helena position

Racing from The Cape to St Helena on boxing day.

With westerly winds blowing lightly and fluctuating from about 12 knots across Table bay in Cape town, fifteen yachts gracefully sailed of the start line at around 14.00 local time this afternoon to begin the 2018 Cape to St Helena race.

Some of the yachts taking up their position are familiar with this passage, as they had participated in the race before. Although the winds are predicted to build, it is forecasted that they will move south over the next day and will become moderate thereafter and it should be all downwind sailing conditions.

A spokesman from the Royal Cape yacht club said there was a special buzz at the club today prior to the race as family and friends came down to say good bye.

Other Boats and spectators who supported the race came out today and said goodbye to the competitors, some of which sailed with the racegoers towards the coast as it’s a popular time for holiday makers to sail up the coast to begin their holidays.

Competing in the race is the 38-foot yacht Carpe Diem skippered by James Herne from St Helena. James has on board a South African crew member, his 13-year-old son Josh, and wife Hannah and their two younger kids. Carpe Diem is described as a dark horse in this race.

Immediately after the race I spoke with Andrew Collins from the Royal Cape Yacht club to give us an update on the race to St Helena.

You can listen to what Andrew said here.