The St Helena Distillery celebrates three years of success at new location.

St helena distillery

This year the St Helena Distillery celebrates three years of success at its new location at Alarm forest. Prior to relocation, the distillery was originally located at the sea front in the basement of the Island famous Donny’s bar for seven years.

St Helena distillery celebrates three years of success
German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment

The Distillery was originally fitted with German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment which has been relocated at the new distillery at Alarm Forest.

The St Helena distillery celebrates three years of success. The Distillery originally developed the Tungi spirit on St Helena

Tungi is the local St Helenian name for the prickly or cactus pears. The plants (Opuntia vulgaris) were originally brought to the island by the colonial ivory traders from East Africa in the 1850’s. Tungi cactus now grows wild and organically in the dry coastal regions of the Island.

St Helena White Lion
White Lion

The Distillery now makes White lion, a spiced Rum, also Jamestown Gin, Midnight mist a coffee liqueur made with pure Saint Helena coffee and lemon valley Lemon Liqueur. In 2009. White Chenin Blanc grape juice was imported from South Africa with which a white wine was made and then distilled into a Brandy to commemorate the Exile of Napoleon, 200 years after his exile here in 1815. This is a special run of a limited 1000 bottles. Since 2009, we also produce a White and red wine every year with juice imported from wine estates in South Africa. Paul Hickling the owner of the Distillery said with 2016 being our 10th Anniversary, we hope to produce a limited run of Rum, which has been oaked for three years in Original Kentucky Bourbon Barrels imported from the US.

Would you like to experience the processing process at the Distillery? The Distillery now offers tours and a walkthrough of the processing of its products. You can contact the St Helena Distillery here to arrange a tour if you are living /visiting the Island.

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